Mick Dodge

Mick Dodge is a human who has lived, at least the past 25 years, in the wilderness, in the wild, like an animal. Mick lives in the great Northwest, specifically the rain forest around the Olympic mountain range of Washington state. Mick is the subject of National Geographic Channel’s The Legend of Mick Dodge. His apprentice is Will of Stone, a much younger man-animal. Mick and Will do not wear shoes and forage and hunt and live a life on the other side of the human industrial revolution. What is interesting, if you fish about on that arbiter of truth (sic), the internet, you shall find all manner of human authenticity police debunking the truthfulness of Mick’s way of life. Humans get to decide what a natural human animal is and how and what are the parameters of wilderness living. The irony is so human, all-too-human. Mick Dodge is on TV. TV is not 100% real; nothing is. We could wager that Mick Dodge is more animal than any of the authenticity trolls that are obsessed about the reality of reality.