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From the Editors, Animals by Nature, (Post) Human by Design: The Dialectics of Animal Liberation

Helen Scales, Holding on to Ancient

Mark Fischer, sierra blues

Gina Ferrara, Affixed
     -The Meaning of Flight

Siham Karami, Ladykiller
     -Elephant Dreams

Anne Lemanski, Simulacra and other works

Erik Jonah, Two Cute Bucks
     -One Rabbit Remains

Jeff P. Jones, These are the signs : when
     -Henry Methvin

Matt Kish, A Radiant Bestiary

Joe Andriano, The Gris-Gris Cat

Megan E. Freeman, Ennui

John Janovy Jr., Why God Made Tapeworms

Aaron John Gregory, Fins and Fur, Teeth and Tusks, Pen and Ink

Daniel John Povinelli & Brandon Barker, Searching for Ratzinger

Anya Groner, Letter to a Late Cephalopod
     -Newly Wed, I watch the News
     -The New Nature

Michael Getty, Urban Renewal

Patrick Segura, Concerning "World 1-3" and the idea of the liminality between cyborg-animal

Nora Boxer, Oath of the Animals

Jen Hirt, Stardog Champions

A Compendium of Beasts, a Turnip Truck(s) list