A type of human animal which developed in the 19th century that has since become nearly extinct. Although generally of the female gender, a feminist can be male, the latter is almost rarer than the former. Feminists can be found today in small numbers in America, mostly in San Francisco and New York. Most feminists have been driven into closed communities since the rise of anti-feminism in the 1990s. Today feminism is a virtual anathema comparable to the worst vices of civil society like child molestation and serial murder. The peak of feminism occurred between 1960-1980, a period concurrent with high education rates and general historical acuity in America. The decline of feminism is concomitant with the general intellectual malaise that has contaminated America since 1980 and is at its zenith today. The decline in feminism is also paralleled by a rise in engagement ring sales, online dating sites, and teen pregnancies and subsequent marriages. A feminist today is usually referred to as a “bitch” or “cunt” or simply “baby killer.” Social scientists have predicted the complete extinction of feminists anywhere from 2020 to 2040. Above are archive photographs of feminists.