Roam, The B-52s, 1989 (Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland, Robert Waldrop, Cindy Wilson). 
"Roam if you want to, without wings, without wheels." Traveling has been a human necessity since the first hominids wandered out of eastern Africa. We now travel as much from necessity as for pleasure (could we say pleasure is a necessity?). We are all explorers of the world, many times looking for ourselves (the much popular and overdone self-search-narrative, i.e., Under the Tuscan Sun; Eat, Pray, Love; etc.). Roaming is wandering, and wondering about the wonder of exotic foreign lands. We are all orientalist, really. We now live as nomadic beings on the literal road, on the internet highway searching like the hominids, for survival, for love: “Take it hip to hip, rock it through the wilderness / Around the world the trip begins with a kiss… Roam if you want to / Roam around the world / Roam if you want to / Without anything but the love we feel.”