Good Enough

Good Enough, Cyndi Lauper (1985). Recorded for The Goonies soundtrack, this song echoes the film’s underestimated critique of class warfare within the economic conditions of mid-80s America. It is not insignificant that the two-part video includes some pro-wrestling 80’s icons as stereotypical capitalist parasites given the economic circus that the WWF was in that era. The Buster Keaton-like video also includes a quite politically incorrect (by today’s standard’s) reference to the Benihana chain as economic predators of sorts, referencing the economic Japan paranoia that was prevalent in 80’s America. The song’s “What’s good enough for you?” message is especially relevant today, when economic hoarding is celebrated as “free enterprise” and most individuals are left to embrace the cruel optimism that if they just work a little harder and play by the rules, they will “have enough” or maybe, just maybe, more than enough.