From the Editors, The Embodied Paradox

Doug Bolling, Bodyworks 4

Dépouille, Vivian’s Figure Studies, summer of 706

Susan Duncan, Gymnast

Matt Muilenburg, Backroads

Lauren Westerfield, With Bathroom Mirror, Considering Seduction

Bonnie Lucas, Plastic Bodies

Erin Carlyle, Dressing Room Recipe

Claiborne Rice, All You Simply Just

Jonathan Minila, Noses (Translated by  Will Stockton)

Dépouille, Marks & Heartbeat Radio

Jack Balas, The Aesthetics of Masculinity

Iván Castañeda and Garek Druss, rupture/rapture

John Modern, False Positives

Siham Karami, Brokedown Vertebrae Blues & Convalescence

Vivian Wagner, Conversing & First Dive

Charles Halsted, Grandma’s Corpse

Jen Hirt, Going To See The Body

Body Images: A Turnip Truck(s) List